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More Than Just Amazon PPC Software

A Step-By-Step System For Growing Your Profit Using Amazon Ads

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Are You Wasting A Ton Of Time And Money On Amazon PPC?



  • Does Amazon PPC take too much time and effort?
  • Is your ACoS out of control?
  • Do you dread logging into your seller central account to see how much you've spent on ads?
  • Are you tired of spending money on PPC and not getting results?
  • Does Amazon PPC feel like a giant money pit?
  • Is Amazon PPC eating up all your profit?


If so, you need more than industry-standard Amazon PPC tools or another Amazon PPC course. You need a proven process; an actual system to build, optimize and manage high performing Amazon Sponsored Ads that drive profit like clockwork. 

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Systematize Your Amazon PPC For Profit

Sponsored Profit is a simple, tried and tested system that helps Amazon sellers simplify their PPC, get better results and increase profits. No previous PPC experience required.

Proven Amazon PPC Strategy

Your Amazon business needs PPC campaigns that drive profit to succeed. Our Path to Success is a step-by-step plan that aligns with your goals to get you there.

Easy To Use Software

Our software is designed to make the execution of your custom-fit PPC strategy easy, and optimizes your campaigns in minutes to save you an insane amount of time and effort.

Easy To Follow Tutorials

We have over 60 bite-sized Amazon PPC Training modules to guide you through every step of building, optimising and growing profit-driven Amazon Sponsored Products campaigns.

Ongoing Support

Access hands-on Amazon PPC expertise, monthly Masterclasses and get all the support and guidance you need from the Sponsored Profit team and other members inside our private online community.

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 Average Increase In PPC Sales: 55%
 Average Reduction in ACoS: 17%
 Sellers Who Achieve Target ACoS: 86%

We don't just care about PPC

We care about YOUR PPC

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Our training is trusted by:

Jose Cussianovich

“Sponsored Profit is so straight forward. It takes me about 5 minutes twice a week to update my campaigns and I feel confident after each optimization. I don’t have to worry about PPC again!” 

Amazon Brand Owner 

Isaac Kuhlman

"This tool is WAY easier to optimize my Amazon Ads campaigns than any other PPC tools I have seen, AND it actually gives me control over things in ways no other PPC tool has given me before.”

Co-Founder REAL Amazon Coaching

Ally Johnson

Sponsored Profit cuts down my manual optimisation time by 90%! That’s 5-6 hours I get back every week! The best thing is, I can't make a mistake when optimising, the tool crunches the data in seconds!

Amazon Brand Owner

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How can you use Amazon Advertising to grow your profit, not eat into it?


Most FBA business owners struggle to build a profitable business using Amazon Advertising. It seems that for a lot of sellers, Amazon PPC is hit or miss. The problem is, there's a lot of over-complication. Most of the Amazon Advertising strategies and software out there are simply too difficult to use.


It’s frustrating. But it doesn’t have to be that way. It shouldn’t be that way.


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At Sponsored Profit, our goal is to simplify Amazon Advertising - not over-complicate it. Sponsored Profit has everything you need to manage your PPC quickly, easily and more profitably with none of the drawbacks of traditional PPC strategies and software. 


There’s no complicated set up requiring you to create complex, custom rules so the software can make optimization decisions on your behalf. Our automation software gathers your sales data from multiple metrics including your Search Term Report to remove all the guesswork and figure it out for you.


But if you want your campaigns to work, you need more than just software. You need a solid PPC strategy. Not some hyped up, one-size fits all strategy but one that aligns with your goals. Our Path To Success is designed to take you from where you are to where you want to be - without the overwhelm - for long term PPC success.


This is not a quick fix or ‘hack’ that works today and will be obsolete tomorrow. It’s a proven, systematic process focused on profitability that’s been developed, tested and perfected over the past two and half years to guarantee results.


When you have a plan, you get better results and your profit grows. Follow the system and you’ll finally have confidence in your advertising, your business will thrive and you’ll never have to worry about PPC again. Get started for free today.

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3 Easy Ways To Lower ACoS And Save Money On Amazon Ads

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