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PPC Blueprint Will Give You...


A Click-by-Click Approach

You will learn exactly what you need to do in order to create an effective campaign structure and move away from the “one auto one manual” strategy.


Complete Confidence

You will soon take control of your advertising campaigns and optimise them on a regular basis in alignment with your business goals, moving away from “hope marketing” strategy you might be currently employing.


Our Proven Strategies

We focus on a three-step process. First we look at your numbers, then your adverts and finally your campaigns. You must fully understand how to optimise all three to fully leverage Amazon advertising.


A PPC Launch Process

You will learn to NEVER give away another product again. We will teach you how to launch with PPC and how to be completely Amazon TOS Compliant. This is the ONLY way we launch.


Full Accountability

You will have full support not only from the Sponsored Profit coaches, but from fellow PPC Blueprint students and the entire Sponsored Profit community.

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Here's What You'll Get:

PPC Blueprint - The Complete Online Video Training Programme

Made up of six core modules, each containing multiple lessons with action steps - Fully compatible with mobile to consume on the move.

Value $1,497

Bonus #1 - Complete Blueprints and Operating Procedures

Your training will be complete with blueprints, worksheets, downloads, video SOPs click-by-click walkthroughs and much more - All to assist you in making your implementation faster and more efficient.

Value $1,997

Bonus #2 - Full Access to Our Member Only Community

Unlimited access to the PPC Blueprint online community during AND after the six week programme for further coaching and support.

Value $1,497

Bonus #3 - Lifetime Access to PPC Blueprint and ALL Updates

As a PPC Blueprint member, you will receive lifetime access to this course and ALL updated versions at no extra cost.

Value Priceless

Total Value $4,991

Yours Today For Just $997



Online Training Programme

Complete Blueprint Files

Members Only Community

Lifetime Access and Updates

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Online Training Programme

Complete Blueprint Files

Members Only Community

Lifetime Access and Updates

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100% Risk Free 14-Day Money Back Guarantee

If you find later that PPC Blueprint isn't for you, notify us within 14 days of your purchase and you'll get a full refund. No questions asked.

What Our Students Are Saying

Henry Matos

"The step-by-step detailed SOPs and videos were very effective in helping my understanding all of the steps. Underpinned by all the content in the slides."

Jose Antonio

"Everything was great. How to create the different campaigns and how to optimize them were the most helpful modules of the programme!"

Louise Beever

"I loved having a clear structure and strategy to follow, instead of aimlessly raising and lowering bids as a knee jerk reaction to high ACoS or low sales."

Brendyn Hancock

"I found the content very detailed, yet easy to follow. This is a great course for any new Amazon seller getting their head around all things PPC."

Got Questions? Here's Your Answers...

Nope. As long as you are a current Amazon seller. We will included a foundation module to explain all the terminology specific to sponsored products. So all you have to do is follow our training.

Absolutely not. This course will give you a far deeper understanding of sponsored advertising and a clear strategy and set of criteria to follow. You'll learn how to quickly set up new campaigns using these criteria and scale campaigns that are already mature.

No problem. If you are currently delivering campaigns, we will teach you how to use what is working to build out our campaign structure. There is merit in keeping aged campaigns, so we just optimisze what you already have.

No. In fact, you don’t have to be good with numbers at all, you simply have to be able to follow our tried and tested system.

Yes there is competition, however every client we work with, we manage to further optimize their campaigns, cut more wasted ad spend and grow sales. So we fully believe that there is still huge opportunity with Amazon sponsored advertising.

This initial course will cover sponsored products, as this is the platform that ALL sellers can implement now. As you will get lifetime access to this programme, we plan to deliver modules on sponsored brands and product targeting ads in future iterations.

You ARE a good fit for this program if:

You’ve just started selling on Amazon and have no idea about sponsored ads. You’re a seasoned seller, but not an expert in sponsored ads. You are willing to apply yourself to the stuff that will make you crazy good at sponsored ads.

You may not be a good fit if:

You have no products to sell, or you don’t want to develop products to sell. You are not ready or have no desire to understand amazon sponsored products. You’re going to complain and create negative energy in the group. You don't have any profit margin in your products to dedicate to ad spend.

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