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How Do You Scale Your Amazon PPC Without Hurting Your Campaigns (Or Your Sales)? 

If you are a growing brand on Amazon with great products, healthy profits and solid sales, scaling your business with Amazon Advertising is the obvious next step. 

The problem is (as you’ve probably already realised) that it’s easier to get great PPC results at the beginning, but harder to maintain those results when you dial up your ad spend.

It’s frustrating. But it’s also very common.

You just need the right PPC partner - someone who will make your business their business - so you can be confident of achieving the month over month revenue growth you want.

We have the expertise you need. As Amazon PPC specialists, our team has worked with dozens of brands just like you - brands who want to take their business to the next level with ads but don’t know how.

Our hands-on management style combined with tried and tested methods deliver repeatable results and has generated over $35M in sales for our clients.

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How To Become A Sponsored Profit Partner

Get A Proposal

Tell us a bit about your business so we can see if we’re a good fit

Create A Plan

We’ll create a specific PPC plan to accomplish your goals

Get Results

Our clients see an average increase in revenue of 20-30% month over month

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Jo Cumberpatch

“Sponsored Profit has an approach that works. It evolves as the market does and they are responsive to my needs. I can relax about PPC and know it's in safe hands.”

Amazon Brand Owner 

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Brett Kraiger

“Sponsored Profit KNOW what they are doing. My ads are everywhere in my niche! I’m much less worried about competitors now.”

Amazon Brand Owner

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Kristin Blackmore

“My business has taken off since I began working with Sponsored Profit. They have elevated my business from a successful one to a huge money earner.”

Amazon Brand Owner

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Sponsored Profit Partners Deliverables

  • Custom-fit PPC strategy 
  • Organised campaigns
  • Expert optimization
  • Robust target research
  • Key metrics tracking
  • Monthly reporting and strategy call
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How will your business benefit from becoming a Sponsored Profit Partner?


If you’re not effectively positioning your products so they can be found by your target customers, you are leaving money on the table for your competitors to scoop up.


At Sponsored Profit Partners, we advertise your products in a way that’ll drive targeted traffic and, more importantly, conversions, to drive sustained and measurable growth.


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Here’s how it works: We sit down with you to understand what your business goals are and where you want to be a year from now. We then create and execute a custom-fit PPC strategy using a combination of Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Display ads. 


We identify quick wins and long term growth opportunities and review progress every 30-days. We actively manage your campaigns using data-driven insights powered by our own software to ensure your campaigns are always optimized, scalable and maximised for profit.

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