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At Sponsored Profit, we're obsessively passionate about helping sellers get better results with Amazon Advertising.

Our mission is to help as many sellers as possible find success with Amazon Advertising through our PPC Management Service, Online Courses and Facebook community.

How It All Began

Managing your Amazon Advertising can be a massive drain on your time and resources. I should know - I've been there.

I'm Darrell. Like most Amazon sellers, I bootstrapped my business and would spend hours fine-tuning my PPC campaigns. But while I was making sales, I wasn’t making any money. I was burned out, frustrated and felt like a failure.

But that was until I discovered a process that grew my sales by 200%. My revenue went from $250,000 to $750,000... and for the first time, I started to see a return on all the blood, sweat and tears I’d put into building my Amazon business.

Since then, I’ve teamed up with two other sellers, and together we’ve been deploying this process over and over again. It is the same results-driven process we’ve used to generate over $15MM in sales across the US, CA, UK and EU Amazon marketplaces.

Meet The Team

Darrell Paterson

Started selling on Amazon in 2015

6 years in the Royal Navy

Background in Aircraft Engineering

Head Coach for REAL for two years

Family man with three kids

Loves to socialise and have a drink

Tim Peakman

Started selling on Amazon in 2015

16 years in the Royal Air Force

Background in training design and delivery

Expert in Amazon Advertising

Loves to travel and work remotely

Laura McCaul

Started selling on Amazon in 2015

Varied career from corporate sales and marketing to landscape design for the rich and famous

Amazon copywriting expert with an average increase in conversion of 52%

On a mission to help Amazon sellers succeed with PPC

Loves rugby, pork pies and hanging out with her 8 yo niece

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