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A 2066% Increase in Profit For a Seasonal Product


Kristen is a seasoned entrepreneur and a mum of three. She began selling on Amazon in 2018 because she wanted a business of her own that would fit into her family life and allow her to make a financial contribution to the household expenses.


Like many sellers, Kristen did not have the time to learn and manage her PPC properly and grow her business. Her inefficient PPC campaigns were losing money. She felt frustrated and stressed and began to doubt whether she could succeed in this business. She decided to give it ‘one more roll of the dice’ and asked us to re-launch an in-season product in Q4. No pressure!



Product Re-Launch 

Kristen had a highly seasonal Q4 product with very few reviews in a competitive space. We had to take a cautious approach in order to take advantage of the massive spike in search volume.


Laser-focussed budget

We focused a generous daily ad budget on a very narrow set of highly targeted keywords that converted well to ensure Kristen’s ads got shown prominently.


Systematic keyword expansion

As sales grew we continually identified new money-making keywords and expand the strategy to more targets to drive increased visibility and sales.




Over the course of this 90-day PPC product re-launch strategy, we were able to boost daily sales from approximately 5 sales/day to 50 sales/day. Revenue grew from $1,000/month to over $20,000/month while at the same time ACoS halved from 60% to 30%. Kristen had more than 40 keywords ranked in the top 10 and multiple Amazon Choice badges.

“My business has taken off since I began working with Sponsored Profit. Having successfully launched my latest product, the team has been able to maintain its position at the top of page 1 for all of my main and secondary keywords and it's still growing. I don't do anything....apart from watch my business and profits grow. That is gold!.”

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