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50% year on year growth using only Sponsored Products


Jo is a mum of two and lives in the UK. She started her own online business so that she could stay at home and earn an income and not have to return to her high pressure career in finance.


Before Jo came to us, her PPC sales were very inconsistent. She had tried a number of Amazon PPC solutions, from outsourcing to automated software, with little success. 

Jo had set ambitious goals for her business but she didn’t know how to use PPC to accomplish those goals. She didn’t have a plan and none of the options she tried gave her one. She saw PPC as a cost rather than an investment. Thinking a low ACoS was a ‘good’ ACoS, she didn’t realize that she was actually stunting the growth of her business.



A willingness to invest in ads 

The biggest challenge was persuading Jo to increase her conservative ad budget. Her reluctance to invest in ads was limiting her visibility and losing out on dozens of keyword opportunities and potential sales.


Break-Even ACoS Strategy

By gradually increasing a low ACoS to a break even Target ACoS, we were able to drive significant sales volume and velocity. Consequently, organic rankings increased significantly across many different keywords to take Jo’s revenue to a whole new level while maintaining profitable PPC campaigns at an average ACoS of 30%.


Scaling targeted paid traffic to drive brand awareness

By gradually uncapping budgets to drive an increasing volume of targeted traffic, brand visibility has grown from an average of 200k impressions per month to over 10M impressions per month. More importantly, conversions have been maintained to drive sustained and measurable growth.




Like Jo, many sellers fall into the ‘ACoS’ trap and see PPC as a 'cost' to be minimised rather than an investment in growing her business.

But unless you are willing to invest in ads so you can find and dial in what works, and disregard the rest, you’re not effectively positioning your products to be found, and leaving money on the table for your competitors to scoop up. 

Jo’s business is on track to grow by 50% for the second year in a row and is getting tantalisingly close to 7 figures in sales for the first time.

“The team at Sponsored Profit opened my eyes to the sales I was losing and have helped me to think long term. With their guidance my business has doubled year on year. They have taken the time to get to know me, my products and my goals. I can relax about PPC and know it's in safe hands.”

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