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A 300% increase in profit using only Sponsored Products


Brett is a Martial Arts Instructor and lives in New Zealand. He started selling on Amazon in 2013 so that he could build an online business that would get him out of the daily grind of working for someone else.


As is often the case, Brett was unable to give Amazon PPC his full attention because of the other demands placed on his time by his business. 

He came to us because he knew he was missing an opportunity. He was also concerned that by not having a PPC plan, not only was he leaving money on the table, but his business was becoming more vulnerable to the increasing number of competitors that were entering his product category.



Restructured campaigns 

Brett already had a reasonable campaign structure in place but a lot of valuable historic data that wasn't being utilised. After restructuring all of the campaigns and taking advantage of the historic data we then started to expand the campaign types.


Introduction of Product Targeting

The biggest impact to the account was the introduction of product targeting. We started by targeting the categories and individual products that we already knew converted for these products before casting a wider net. This has resulted in a continued increase in market share.


Robust and regular keyword and competitor research

Fresh keyword and competitor research along with an optimised bid strategy has meant we have been able to reduce Brett’s Advertising Cost of Sale (ACoS) while at the same time increasing profitability as we continue to increase sales and market share.




Amazon Sponsored Product Ads (SPAs) are still one of the most effective ways to increase the discoverability for your products. The introduction of new targeting options has further improved product visibility by allowing greater control over where the ads appear on Amazon search and Product Detail pages.

By restructuring Brett’s advertising campaigns, optimising ad spend, improving keyword targeting and continually adding new converting keywords, we were able to scale highly efficient, laser-targeted campaigns. As soon as we maximized the sales from one ad campaign, we moved onto the next. 

This systematic approach to maximising sales using  Sponsored Products has resulted in increased paid visibility, increased organic rankings and sales and a reduction in ACoS to drastically increase bottom line profits. 

The next step for Brett’s growth is to transition to introduce the full range of Sponsored Brand and Sponsored Display Ads to further increase brand visibility and market share and help Brett dominate his product category.

“The most important change to my business since working with Sponsored Profit is the amount of Amazon real estate I am now taking over. I'm everywhere in my niche. I now feel confident that I am in a strong position and am much less worried about competitors. Sponsored Profit knows what they are doing, and have a robust system in place to strategically expand your PPC portfolio on Amazon.”

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