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We got it wrong

amazon ppc Nov 05, 2019

Darrell and Tim recently delivered a PPC Masterclass at REAL's Amazon Mastery workshops in the UK and US. Each workshop was four days of actionable advice on all things Amazon. 

Being able to spend time with sellers and listen to their challenges and frustrations with PPC was a real eye-opener for us because we realized something. 

We realized that we made it practically impossible for sellers to work with us on a Done For You basis!

In an effort to improve our customer experience, we had implemented a very rigorous application process.

However, it was so rigorous it was stopping us from helping as many Amazon sellers as possible get better results with PPC!

 So after the workshops wrapped up, the entire Sponsored Profit team spent two full days figuring out how to change that. 

The result? We have created a 90-day PPC Starter Package which is aimed at helping any seller build a solid foundation for finding success with Amazon PPC.

We develop a custom PPC strategy that aligns with your business goals and use our proven, 5-step process to build a solid foundation for PPC success in 90 days. 

This is the same process we’ve used to generate over $15MM in sales across the US, CA, UK and EU marketplaces.

Our PPC Management packages include:

  • Clear goal-setting to establish the best PPC strategy for YOUR Amazon business 
  • Campaigns set up and structured to drive maximum sales
  • Wasted ad spend eliminated with smart bid management to generate the best Return on Ad Spend  
  • Continual keyword research to discover new keyword opportunities at the lowest cost 
  • Laser-focused campaign optimization to profitably scale campaigns
  • List of Top Performing Keywords Every Month
  • Monthly reports to keep us accountable and you in the picture
  • Comprehensive 90-Day review with actionable insights
  • Friendly and responsive customer support
  • Private Facebook Group 

If you would like to learn more, please go to our website for more information or to schedule a call.

While we don't always get things right. But we’ll always be open and learn from our mistakes. We hope you’ll stay the course and continue on this journey with us.

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