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Understand this for better PPC optimization

information Oct 08, 2019

Understanding Amazon PPC is no walk in the park.

Whether you are a newbie or a seasoned pro, understanding the concepts and terminology can seem overwhelming and confusing at times.

So it came as no surprise that while compiling a list of our most frequently asked questions, one that came up, again and again, was "what is the difference between a search term and a keyword?"

It’s an important distinction because when you understand the difference, you can optimize your ads and ensure your products’ discoverability on Amazon.

A search term is a string of keywords that a shopper types into Amazon search to find a product. 

A keyword is a word used to define a Sponsored Products ad. You, as the seller, define the keywords you want to use in your ad campaigns by bidding on them. 

In other words, keywords allow sellers to choose which customer search terms they want their ads to show for on Amazon. If the seller's keyword matches the customer's search term, then the ad will be displayed on Amazon.

This is where you can utilize Keyword Match Types to improve your ad targeting and ensure your ad is displayed for the most relevant customer search terms on Amazon.

There are three keyword match types:

  • Broad match type: search terms that contain all components of your keyword in any order.
  • Phrase match type: search terms that contain all components of your keyword in the same order.
  • Exact match type: search terms that match your keyword word by word.

Admittedly, while this difference is subtle, contrary to common belief, these terms are not interchangeable. 

Understanding this difference will enable you to optimize your ads (and product listings) for increased relevance and maximum discoverability.

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