It’s here. Now what? Using Sponsored Products in the holidays

sales events sponsored brands sponsored products Nov 26, 2019

 The holiday shopping season is now upon us.

eMarketer forecasts total US holiday retail sales will climb 3.8% to $1.008 trillion this year—the first-ever trillion-dollar holiday season

So with such a huge influx of demand, what can Amazon advertisers expect?

1. Cyber Monday is expected to be the biggest day of the holiday shopping season

Cyber Monday is again expected to be the biggest online shopping day in US history, with a total that could approach—or even surpass—$10 billion. 

Black Friday, Thanksgiving and “Cyber Tuesday” also likely to rank among the leading days for the season.

Last year, Cyber Monday was the biggest single shopping day ever for Amazon. Customers ordered more than 180 million items during the five days from Thanksgiving to Cyber Monday. Yikes!

2. Last-minute holiday sales likely to be higher

According to Tinuiti, last-minute holiday sales will likely be even more important this year than in 2018 owing to the shorter holiday season. 

With Thanksgiving falling on November 28, the period between Thanksgiving and Christmas will be six days shorter than last year, meaning shoppers will be more pressed for time which is great news for Amazon sellers.

3. December for the win

The holiday shopping season is more than just Black Friday and Cyber Monday. 

Without a doubt, these are the biggest single shopping days, with huge spikes in traffic and shopper activity.

However, you can expect higher than average sales during the period from Cyber Tuesday through to December 24. On average, December sales can be 20%+  higher compared to October.

The key takeaway here: the holiday season is a marathon not a sprint. So bear that in mind when it comes to your bids and budgets (and inventory levels for that matter).

 4. Sponsored Products to account for the lion’s share of ad clicks

Last year, Sponsored Products accounted for 87% of ad clicks between November 15 and December 31, with Sponsored Brands accounting for the remaining 13%.

However, while Sponsored Products will continue to account for the majority of ad clicks and sales this year, it’s likely that Sponsored Brands will start to play a more important role.

New metrics rolled out in January 2019 means advertisers have new insights into the value these ads produce.

If Sponsored Brands is part of your Advertising strategy this year, pay close attention to how much of an impact they have on your holiday sales.

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