How we increased Abu's Amazon PPC sales by 217% in 30 days

case studies sponsored products Sep 17, 2019

Today, I’d like to talk about a client of ours.

Abu first started selling on Amazon in 2016 so he could escape the rat race and spend more time with his family. 

His sales had plateaued so he genuinely thought he had “maxed out” his PPC campaigns. He hired us to see if we could prove him wrong - and we did!

Like many sellers, Abu had implemented the basic 2-campaign strategy - one auto, one manual. His campaigns comprised of a meagre 30 keywords!

So we got to work. We quickly stripped out the keywords that generated sales, in order to start discovering and targeting as many profitable keywords as possible.

We increased bids on keywords that were too low to capture any traffic in order to maximize exposure and drive additional sales.

By implementing a combination of manual and auto-target campaigns to identify the winners, impressions increased dramatically, and more importantly, so did conversions. 

Before long, we had found hundreds of profitable keywords; many of which were converting at over 50%. 

This allowed us to take higher ad positions, while at the same time boosting organic rankings for multiple keywords. Sales skyrocketed increased, while his PPC campaigns remained profitable.

The Results

Before working with Sponsored Profit, Abu’s sales were $4,187 with an ad spend of $460. That’s an ACoS of 10.99%

After just 30 days, Abu’s sales increased to $13,285 with an ad spend of $1633. That’s an ACoS of 12.29%. 

But isn’t an increase an ACoS a bad thing, I hear you ask? No, not necessarily. You see, Abu’s sales increased by 217.29% while ACoS only increased by 11.83%.

The increase in sales is over 18 times higher than the increase in ACoS. Not to mention ACoS will decrease over time due to ongoing campaign optimization and bid management. 

When your PPC campaigns are profitable, as long as any increase in sales outweighs the increase in ACoS, the more you spend on PPC, the more you will make

Abu is now the top seller in his product category and has sold over $1.5M in physical products to date.

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