How to win this Prime Day with Amazon PPC

sales events sponsored products Jun 25, 2019

Prime Day 2019 has just been announced as the 15 and 16 July, so we thought we’d share our number one tactic for advertising successfully during 'Christmas in July.'

Prime Day has become one of the most anticipated e-commerce events of the year. With more than 100 million purchased products, Prime Day 2018 was the biggest shopping event in its history.

Here's what we suggest you do to have your best Prime Day ever:

Your ad campaigns are in profit

If your ad campaigns are profitable, then you are in the enviable position where your margins can support the increased ad spend. Prime Day 2019 is full of opportunities for sellers like you to drive as much traffic as possible to your products and make a killing!

  • Increase your Prime Day advertising budgets and bids. You will face fierce competition on Prime Day so get as aggressive as you dare and raise your bids!;
  • Consider making use of the new dynamic bidding strategies and the option to adjust your bids by placement;
  • Consider setting your bidding strategy to Up and Down. Amazon will increase your (new) default bid if a click is likely to convert.

Your ad campaigns are running at a loss

If your campaigns are unprofitable, Prime Day promotions can be costly. You might 10X your sales but if your Amazon PPC campaigns are running at a loss, you'll 10X your losses too. 

But don't despair. There is still a way to take advantage of these high traffic days and boost your sales. You simply need to avoid running out of advertising budget early in the day.

On Prime Day, your campaign budgets are far more likely to run out earlier than usual. Once this happens, your ads will disappear, and that's essentially your Prime Day over for another year.  

So we suggest you consider increasing your advertising budget for that day so your campaign(s) will still run to ensure you stay visible throughout the day - or as close to as possible. That way you can continue to make sales into the afternoon and evening.

By setting a budget that allows for all day visibility rather than trying to take the top ad positions and blowing your budget in a matter of minutes, you’ll be leaps and bounds ahead of your competition this year. 

Here's what you’ll need to do:

  • Ask yourself how much can you afford. How much are you comfortable spending? There are no hard and fast rules. It's your business, your decision; 
  • Keep an eye on your daily budget throughout the day;
  • If you’re worried about the expense, remember that your organic sales might also benefit from the 'halo effect'; when increased sales boost your Amazon bestseller rank (BSR), causes increased sales to continue into the following weeks;
  • For more control, you can set your ‘daily account budget’ to a fixed spending limit on Prime Day.

Here's to your best Prime Day ever!

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