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From zero to $36,000/mo in 6 months with ONE product

amazon ppc product launch Oct 29, 2019

Last week I talked about the end of Amazon Giveaways as a way to launch products on Amazon.

I also mentioned the tremendous success we’ve been having over the past year or so using PPC to launch new products (and re-launch existing ones).

So today, I’d like to talk about a client of ours. 

Carol started selling on Amazon in 2018 as a way to earn an income while working from home. However, Carol’s Amazon journey almost ended before it had begun. 

She needed to give away a staggering 900 units over 8 days in order to launch and rank her new product. That would have wiped out most of her inventory - without generating a single penny in sales revenue to re-invest in new stock. 

When Carol learned we could launch her product without giving away a single unit using just PPC, she jumped at the chance to work with us. 

Using a combination of manual and auto-match campaigns, we started with just a handful of highly selective main seed keywords. This is the exact opposite of the cash-guzzling strategy of ‘lumping’ dozens of keywords into a manual campaign to see which ones ‘stick’.

By giving the campaigns a generous daily budget - and avoiding wasting ad dollars on irrelevant keywords - we were able to extract high converting keywords and quickly grow the campaigns to maximize sales across multiple money-making keywords.

This laser-focused PPC budget allowed us to discover which search terms customers were using to find and buy Carol’s product, so we could gain sales velocity, and in turn, organic rankings, as quickly as possible. 

Within six months, she had generated over $154,685 in sales - with ONE product.

If you’d like to find out how we can launch, or re-launch your products with PPC, then schedule a call with us today!

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