Why you should bid on your brand name

keyword targeting sponsored products Oct 15, 2019

Brand bidding is not an uncommon practice. However, it is surprising how many sellers overlook this when it comes to their own Amazon PPC strategy.

The reason for this is a general assumption that "Won't I automatically be top of search for my brand keywords?"

The answer is, no. You see, while you will generally be top of search for your brand name organically, if your competitors are bidding on your brand name, then their ad will show when a shopper searches for your brand.

If they have a compelling ad with an eye-catching main image or an attention-grabbing title, their ad may entice shoppers to their product listing and, ethically, steal that sale from you.

This is a huge lost opportunity for you. You miss out on converting an already interested shopper which is not only great for your sales but for your click-through rate too, and instead, gift a sale to a competitor.

To ensure you don't lose out on customers unnecessarily, bidding on your brand keywords is a must. By doing so, you can 'defend' your brand from competitors, keep your customers and boost your revenue. We highly recommend adding this to your own Amazon PPC Strategy today.

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