Amazon Product Targeting Ads - what you need to know

product targeting sponsored products Dec 10, 2019

As another year starts drawing to a close, Sponsored Products continues to be the most popular advertising format available to sellers on Amazon.

Late last year, a powerful new feature was introduced giving sellers greater control over where their ads appear on Amazon search and Product Detail pages

The roll-out of Amazon Product Ads means sellers can now fine-tune ad placements and optimize ad spend to make it easier for relevant shoppers to find their products.

With product targeting, you can improve the relevance of your ads by targeting single products or categories, which you can then refine by brand, price, or star rating. In a nutshell:

Product targeting

Allows you to advertise on individual product Amazon standard identification number (ASIN) detail pages that closely relate to your own. 

Ads appear in the “Sponsored products related to this item” or “4 stars and above” sections of the product detail page.

Category targeting

Allows you to target entire categories within Amazon’s verticals, like “Sports and Outdoors" or “Home, Garden & Tools.”

These ads appear on the product detail pages – in the same location as the product-targeted ads – for products listed within the targeted category.

In addition, these ads can be shown on the search results page for a specific category.

Both of these targeting types can be powerful tools in your advertising arsenal. However, as always, it's important to have a focused goal for these ads so you can measure their performance and success.

Your PPC goals and strategy - whether it's competitor targeting, shopper discovery, or branding - should dictate how you build and manage your amazon product ads campaigns.

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