Keep calm and carry on (with your Amazon PPC)

covid-19 ppc metrics sponsored products Apr 07, 2020

As COVID-19 continues to cast its shadow, its impact is being felt in almost every aspect of our daily lives.

And as social distancing becomes the new norm, more people are turning to e-Commerce as they replace brick-and-mortar shopping. 

Some Amazon sellers are benefitting more than others as people's shopping habits change during the health crisis.

Some of the winners right now are those brands selling home office or gym equipment, supplements, and home beauty treatments.

But regardless of whether you're selling in a trending product category or not, the key is not to panic and make changes to your campaigns based on knee-jerk reactions.

Your campaigns are going to be just as unpredictable as the times we find ourselves in. You need to accept that.

ACoS is going to be all over the place. Don't fixate on this metric alone and make drastic bid reductions across the board, or worse still, turn your ads off.

All you'll do is slip off the page and kill your ranking and harm your campaign history.

If your ACoS is spiking, there's likely to be a couple of reasons for that. But you'll need to look at some other metrics to figure out what they are.


Your conversion rate is the percentage of product page visitors who buy your product. 

If you're seeing your ACoS rise, it might be because your conversion rate has fallen.  

If you're selling in a non-essential category, extended delivery times are going to be a factor here. But remember, this is temporary.

If this is the case, take your best-performing keywords in the campaign and focus on them.

By doubling down on the winners and gradually dialing back the bids on everything else, you'll be getting the most bang for your (advertising) buck.

Cost per Click (CPC)

Your cost-per-click (CPC) is the amount you pay when a customer clicks on your ad.

So if your ACoS is on the climb, and your CPC is also trending upwards, check your ad positions. 

If you suddenly find your ads in the top positions, it might be that your competitors have lowered their bids and bu doing so, pushed your ads to the top of search. Take a breath. Then optimize by lowering your bids accordingly.

Be as vigilant with your PPC campaigns as you are with your other day-to-day activities, and you'll increase your chances of weathering this storm.

Stay safe and healthy.

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