To be or not to be (out of budget). That is the question...

ppc mindset Oct 01, 2019

Last week we got asked the same question not once, not twice but three times by customers around Amazon PPC Budget:

“What should I do if I get an ‘out of budget’ notification from Amazon”.

What’s even more interesting, is that all three had the same initial response which was along the lines of “Isn’t this just a case of Amazon wanting to get us to spend more money on PPC?”

That is certainly one way of looking at it, albeit a cynical one. Another way is to look at it as Amazon giving you a heads up that your ads are no longer showing and a result, you are losing potential PPC sales to your competitors. 

As we head into Q4, shopper activity will start to increase dramatically. If you want to capitalize on this, it’s important that you keep up with the large spike in customer searches. That’s why we recommend that you increase your ad budget during these high volume selling times.

If you don’t, chances are you will run out of budget in the morning or early afternoon and your ad placements will simply disappear. 

And sure, you might be saving a few bucks and not lining the pockets of Jeff Bezos but you'll be leaving money on the table in lost sales.

Increasing your Amazon PPC budget isn’t the only way to gear up your PPC for Q4 (more recommendations to follow in the coming weeks) but it’s a sure-fire way to step up your game and promote your products during the holiday season.

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