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covid-19 ppc mindset sponsored products Apr 28, 2020

Right now, we could all do with some good news. Don't you agree?

Well, it seems some of us have cause for celebration. According to Sellics, sellers saw their Amazon Advertising sales increase by over 50% in March compared to the start of the year. 

Even more interesting is that this bump in ad revenue has been driven by an increase in ad spend of around 30-40% and an overall improvement in campaign performance.

The strong campaign performance has been powered by a 20-30% increase in clicks, and a fall in Cost Per Click (CPC) and Advertising Cost of Sale (ACoS) - most likely because of reduced competition as many sellers reduce their bids, budgets or pause campaigns. 

This backs up what we've been talking about these past few weeks: the current health crisis offers those sellers who continue to invest in Amazon PPC a competitive advantage that is paying off in spades.

So what can you learn from this, and how can you use this knowledge to your advantage? One word - focus. 

1. Focus on Sponsored Products

If you want to control your ad spend and drive ROI, then focus on Sponsored Products. Sponsored Products are—and will continue to be—one of the most powerful tools for driving discoverability on Amazon and accounts for 80% of PPC sales.

2. Focus your ad budget 

We've talked about this repeatedly. To get the most bang for your buck, you need to focus your ad budget on what's working right now, in particular low ACoS, high converting campaigns. 

Even better, increase your budget on these campaigns to take full advantage of lower competition. By ensuring your ads stay visible for all or most of the day, you can pick up extra sales as your competitors' run out of budget and their ads disappear.

3. Focus on what you can control - not what you can't 

How you use Amazon PPC is massively determined by whether or not you have the inventory levels to support demand and fulfil your orders. 

And while supply chains are still in a state of flux, you can still leverage Amazon PPC to get as many sales as your inventory will support.

Use product targeting to identify and target competitor ASINs that have a longer delivery time than you do so you can promote your in-stock ASINs with a shorter delivery window.

In order to focus you need to pay attention. As the saying goes, “What gets measured gets done.” Monitoring your campaigns and metrics - every day - will not only keep you focused, but it will also enable you to make informed, data-driven decisions so you can keep improving your results.

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