How To Start Amazon Product Targeting Ads in 5 Easy Steps

amazon ads amazon advertising amazon ppc campaign structure product targeting sponsored products Jun 16, 2020

Is product targeting part of your Amazon PPC strategy? If not, it should be. When used correctly, Amazon product targeting ads can drive a huge amount of relevant traffic to your product listings.

Product targeting allows you to fine-tune your ad placements by choosing specific products, categories, brands, or other product attributes so your ads appear in relevant user searches.

You can target categories and products individually or target a combination of categories and brands in the same campaign.

This makes it easier for sellers to reach relevant shoppers as they browse detail pages and filter search results for specific products similar to their own.

Yet product targeting ads are one of the most underutilised campaign types when it comes to Amazon PPC. 

There are a number of benefits to using Product Targeting, but the main one is how much it can save you in wasted ad spend. 

When used correctly, this campaign should only advertise to relevant users. This means you will be wasting less of your money on customers who have no interest in your product. 

Like auto campaigns, product targeting campaigns are simple to set up and you don’t need to worry about selecting the right keywords. 

You can improve the relevance of your ads by refining your targeting by brand, price, or star rating to allow you to reach your more relevant audience.

To get started we suggest focusing on individual ASIN targeting first as you have much more control compared to category or brand targeting.

Step 1

Go to ‘Create campaign’ and create a new campaign in the same way you would a keyword campaign.

Select ‘Manual targeting’ (see below)

Step 2

Under ‘Targeting’, select ‘Product targeting’ (see below)

Step 3

Under ‘Product targeting’, select the 'Individual Products' tab. 

From here Amazon will give you a list of suggested products to target; select the ones that make most sense e.g. those with a higher price, lower review count, lower star rating etc. to your product (see below).

Step 4

Identify and add additional ASINs from your Search Term Report. 

Add those ASINs STR that has converted to sales and add these under ‘Product Targeting > Individual Products > Enter List’. 

At the same time identify ASINs that have high spend and no sales and add these as negative product targets to prevent unwanted impressions and wasted ad spend.

Step 5

Start with Amazon’s suggested bid for each ASIN and optimise from there.

 Amazon product targeting ads are a great way to reach potential customers in a whole new way, maximize campaign results and achieve your advertising goals on Amazon.

With around 80% of all impressions coming from product pages, this campaign type is a powerful tool in your advertising arsenal.

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