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Does Amazon Advertising Feel Like A
Giant Money Pit?



  • Are you winging it without a plan?
  • Are you frustrated that you can’t figure PPC out?
  • Do you dread logging into your Seller Central account to see how much you’ve spent on ads?
  • Is your PPC software too complicated to use?
  • Have you been blindsided by high-ticket PPC courses?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed from information overload?


If so, you need a simple system to help you get unstuck and create PPC campaigns that drive profit and boost your bottom line.


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Simplify Your Amazon PPC And Take Back Control Of Your Business

Sponsored Profit gives you everything you need to get clarity and manage your Amazon Ads confidently and profitably so you can build a thriving business that puts money in your pocket - month after month. All for the same price as your daily cup of coffee.

Time Saving Tools

We’ve automated the complex and time consuming tasks of Amazon PPC so you don’t have to do them

Bite-Sized Training Modules

No fluff or jargon, just simple, straightforward training on Sponsored Products

Supportive Community

Be part of a close-knit group of like-minded sellers who will keep you inspired and motivated.

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 Average Increase In PPC Sales: 344%
 Average Increase In Total Sales: 369%
 Sellers Who Achieve Target ACoS: 91%

We don't just care about PPC

We care about YOUR PPC

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Louise Beever

"I loved having a clear structure and strategy to follow, instead of aimlessly raising and lowering bids as a knee jerk reaction to high ACoS or low sales."

Ally Johnson

“Sponsored Profit has been a real game changer for my business. On day one, sales increased by 43%. Within 6 weeks, my ACoS had fallen from 120% to 42%."

Sarah Reathaford

"Our cash flow was dwindling and we needed to take control of our PPC fast. Within the first month, PPC sales increased by 412% and ACoS decreased by 32%."

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Start Building A Profitable Amazon Business With PPC

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Get unstuck and create PPC campaigns that drive profit

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Watch your business thrive using PPC the right way

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How can you use Amazon Advertising to grow your bank balance, not drain it?


When it comes to Amazon Advertising, there’s a huge amount of information overload. The market is flooded with high-ticket courses, slick-looking software and ‘must-try’ tactics.


Yet most sellers struggle with PPC. Why? Because the "experts" teach over-complicated strategies with a one-size fits all approach that means most of this stuff won’t work for your business. But it can burn through your cash - fast.


Our goal is to simplify Amazon Advertising, not over-complicate it. Our step-by-step system delivers the perfect combination of  tools, training and community to guide you through every step of building, optimising and growing Sponsored Ad campaigns that drive profit for YOUR business..


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Sponsored Profit is all about focusing on the things that get results - the basics, and truthfully that's all effective Amazon Advertising comes down to. If you can do this, your business will thrive and you’ll never have to worry about PPC again. 


Our unique Path To Success helps you to get crystal clear on what you need to do to improve your Sponsored Ads based on where you're at in your business. The whole system is designed to make the execution of a PPC strategy tailored to your business easy.


Anyone can use Sponsored Profit and you can learn at your own pace. Just follow the system and you’ll be able to create PPC campaigns that work without wasting time or money. Once you’re ready to use the tools you can optimize your campaigns in just 10 minutes.


Even better, we’ll regularly update and expand the training to equip you for every aspect of managing your Sponsored Ads and to ensure you stay ahead of any changes. 

Don’t settle for information overload and over-complicated strategies that don’t move the needle for your business. Get unstuck today. Get access to Sponsored Profit and start seeing the results you always knew possible.


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Your membership includes:

Access to Sponsored Products training

Regular updates to training

New content being added regularly

Monthly Masterclasses

Time saving tools

Online community 

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Your membership includes:

Access to Sponsored Products training

Regular updates to training

New content being added regularly

Monthly Masterclasses

Time saving tools

Online community

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3 Easy Ways To Lower ACoS And Save Money On Amazon Ads

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